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Forensic science fascinates us. We love to see how science can help us catch criminals. It makes things interesting and gives us hope that science can solve our problems. It is easy to see how fascinated we are by forensic science by looking at the large number of popular TV shows that is built around crime labs and forensic science.  Examples include CSI, CIS: New York, CSI:  Miami, NCIS, Bones,  Dexter, Forensic Files, Silent Witness,  Cold Case, Crossing Jordan, and many others.

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Most people base the majority of their knowledge about forensic science on things they have seen on CSI or other shows.  But how accurate is what you see on TV.  Do these shows reflect real forensics or are they pure fiction?

microscopeThe truth is that some shows are more realistic than others.  Some like CSI:  Miami provides forensic labs with resources, databases, and resources that real crime techs could only dream about.  It is more of a relationship drama set in a crime lab than a show about forensic science.   CSI: Miami is further from the truth than most other shows but they are a good example of the problem with most forensics TV shows.  They turn their main protagonist into something of superheroes,  people who can solve any problem with science.   They show forensic science as a lot more developed than it is.  Many shows are based on true forensic science but show it dialed up to eleven.  Everything is enhanced to make it more exciting.  This is both good and bad. It makes the profession seem more interesting and attracts more people to forensics educations around the country, but they also make criminals more paranoid.  They see what the protagonists do on TV and try to make sure not to leave any evidence that could make the protagonist being able to catch them.  This makes it very hard for real forensics techs with more limited resources.

On this website, I want to give you a peek into how forensic science really work and how it is to work in a real crime lab.

Read more about different forensic sciences:

bloodstainBloodstain pattern analysis

Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) involves the study and analysis of bloodstains. In forensic work, bloodstain pattern analysis can help investigators find out more about certain aspects of previous events that took place at a place that is known or suspected of being linked to a crime in a significant way. Read more…

dna testForensic DNA Analysis

If you have ever wondered if you were related to the Vikings or who your birth parents were or who committed a particular crime, then DNA may provide your answers. In respect to DNA analysis, blood sampling is only one aspect. There are as many ways in which distinct DNA characteristics can be harvested as there are reasons for the process. Read more…

fingerp Fingerprints Forensics

A human fingerprint does not change over time and is unique to each individual. This fact alone makes it almost as vital to crime fighting as DNA analysis. When fingerprints are analyzed forensically, they are looked at for the purposes of detection of drug use, tobacco use and for criminal behavior. Read more…

teethForensic Odontology

Teeth can reveal so much about an individual like their identity, age, and history. Bite marks can even reveal a person’s attacker or at the very least the abuse done to an individual. Forensic Odontology aids the criminal justice system in uncovering such egregious acts.  Read more…

accounting 2Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting uses mathematical and statistical information and has helped forensic accountants to apply their investigative skills in a more effective and efficient manner than to discover financial crimes.  Read more…

Forex trading

Forex trading is become increasingly popular in the united states as well as in many African countries.  South Africa is the biggest forex market in the world right now.  Forex trading is an abbreviation of Foreign exchange market trading. It is a type of trading where you buy and sell currencies for profit. The relative value of a currency fluctuates every second and it is these small fluctuations that forex traders use to earn money.  Forex traders often use leveraged financial instruments to maximize their profit from the minuscule price fluctuations.

If you want to try your luck on the forex market,, then you will need an account with a forex broker. Always use a regulated broker that is regulated in a trustworthy jurisdiction.   I also recommend that you choose a broker that offers a demo account that you can use to perform virtual trades until you learn how it works and how to make money on the forex market.  All too many would-be forex traders start trading using real money from day one and end up losing their money because they do not yet know how to make money on the currency market.

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Crime news

Customer data belonging to 108 million casino players exposed

Misconfigured databases have caused a large amount of customer data to be exposed from a number of different minor online casinos.  Among the casinos affected you find,,, and The different casinos are owned by different companies and licensed in different jurisdictions.  The data exposed included full names, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, site usernames, account balances, IP addresses, browser and OS details, last login information and more. Luckily the credit card data was partially redacted and cannot be used.    The information can, however, be used to contact high rollers and winners to try to scam them out of their money.

The breach highlights how crucial it is to choose a casino that focuses on making sure that their site and their customer’s data are secure.  Misconfigured databases make data easily accessible and are a mistake that online casinos cannot afford to make.  You can compare secure casinos here.

Digital forensics is being used to try to track down the culprits but the data has been exposed and can not be secured again.  The main goal is to catch the people who exposed the data and make sure that a similar leak cannot happen again.

BinaryBook and BigOption associates charged in the US

The binary options and digital trading industry has been plagued by scam artist for a long term. These scam artist tricks people out of their savings and has destroyed the reputation of the digital trading industry that contains numerous honest companies that have been in the market for 30- 40 years.  Companies such as IG Index and  The scam artists hurt both individuals and the entire industry and it is good to see justice catch up with the people behind the scams.  We also hope that forensic accounting will be able to find and recover some of the money the victims lost.  Recovering money from foreign countries can be very hard.

The charged associates have pretended to be from different countries and have claimed to have different professional credentials to fool potential customers to invest in their fraudulent services.  They have targetted target retirees, Social Security recipients, pension holders, and veterans as clients.  All in all these scam companies have scammed people out of close to 100 million USD.