The activities of the American Forensic Association are carried out in an annual meeting in November of each year and through a committee structure. Below is information on the basic AFA organizational documents and documents related to the annual meeting. By locating the appropriate committee below you can find out more information on the activities of the organization.

  • AFA officers Elected and appointed Constitutional officers of the American Forensic Association.
  • Organizational Documents The Constitution and Bylaws of the American Forensics Association and other documents associated with the organization.
  • Annual Meeting. Minutes and agendas for the American Forensic Association annual meeting held each year in November.
  • Minutes of the annual meeting Minutes for the American Forensic Association annual meetings held each year in November
  • AFA Newsletter, Newsletters for the American Forensics Association published four times a year.

Committees of the Association

  • National Council The Executive Committee of the Association responsible for the agenda at the National Meeting and for acting for the Association between Annual Meetings.
  • Educational Practice Committee.Responsible for developing, reporting, and promoting practices that strengthen forensic pedagogy, whether in classrooms, forums, competition, or other circumstances.
  • Finance Committee Responsible for planning and overseeing the Association's fiscal affairs
  • Professional Development Committee Responsible for developing and supporting the highest standards of professional conduct within forensics, and for representing the professional interests of the Association's members to all appropriate constituencies.
  • Publications Committee Responsible for planning, supervising, and monitoring all publications sponsored by this Association.
  • Research Committee Responsible for the encouragement, development, and evaluation of research activity throughout the profession.