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                Argumentation and Advocacy

                2009 NCA/AFA Summer Conference on Argumentation

                A Debate Summit and Development Conference

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                AFA Distinguished Service Award

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VOL. 31,  NO. 2 -- January/February 2009


      The AFA Newsletter is published three times each year and is sent to all current AFA individual members. The first issue (September) contains information regarding the national meeting. The second issue (January) contains the minutes of AFA business meetings and National Council meetings from the AFA's annual convention and a supplement to the membership directory. The third issue (June) contains the tournament calendar for the following academic year. Each issue also contains news items of interest to members.

      You are invited to submit material to be published in the Newsletter. You may submit news items, announcements, or articles (especially ones which are related to forensic activities). Items for the newsletter should be sent to: James W. Pratt, PO Box 256, River Falls, WI 54022, or via e-mail AmForensicAssoc@aol.com. Closing dates for each issue of the Newsletter are September 15th, for issue #1; January 15th, for issue #2; and June 15th, for issue #3.



Dan Cronn-Mills, AFA President


The primary issue facing the AFA is the necessity for a professional conduct policy section in our Code of Forensics Program and Forensics Tournament Standards for College and Universities. The incident during the 2008 CEDA national tournament highlighted the need for the policy. The requirement for this policy was clearly supported during the 2008 AFA meetings held during NCA. Vigorous debate was held during the AFA meetings and throughout the rest of the NCA conference. The leadership of the AFA, the chairs and tournament directors of the NDT and NIET, and the AFA Professional Development and Support Committee are working in a concerted effort to have a solid policy to present to the AFA membership during the 2009 AFA business meetings. I encourage all members of the AFA to participate in the discussion on this important issue.


A New Look for AFA, NDT and NIET Websites


The AFA will soon unveil a new design for our website. We are grateful to Al Louden for all his hard work putting this new design together. The new website includes an updated banner. The graphic designer who developed the new banner has modified the design for use by the AFA-NIET and the AFA-NDT. The parallel design across all AFA websites provides a strong branding presence for our organization. The AFA requests any district-supported websites also use the new banner design to maintain an integral link across our organization.


Scott Nobles, a long time debate coach and forensics leader, died Dec. 24, in St Paul, Mn following complications caused by a series of strokes.  He was 85.

As an undergraduate debater, Nobles had an outstanding career at Southeastern State College, Durant, Ok. where he and his colleague, Jerry Sanders, won the first National Debate Tournament at West Point.  Nobles and Sanders lost only three debates that year (1946-'47) and all were one-judge debates in non-elimination rounds.

He was a leading debate coach at the University of Oregon from 1955 to 1969 and at Macalester College (Mn) from 1969 until his retirement from full time teaching in 1993.  His coaching career was nothing short of spectacular.  Teams he coached were frequently ranked in the top 10 and were almost always seen at NDT where they always did well.  His teams won back to back CEDA national championships.  Twice, Scott and his teams were chosen by the Committee on International Debate and Discussion to participate in this international program.

Nobles was also a leader in the profession and received many awards.  He served a term as President of AFA and later was chosen to receive its Distinguished Service Award.  In 1992, he was named "Grand Master of Debate" by CEDA.  In 1996, he was named a Distinguished Alumnus by Southeastern Oklahoma State.

Scott Nobles will be sorely missed by his many friends in the forensics community.

Submitted by Jerry Sanders


Distinguished Speaker of the Year Award
Paul Newman
Actor, Philanthropist and Political Activist
Distinguished Service Award
Professor Duane Fish
Northwest College
Bruce Manchester
George Mason University
Daniel Rohrer Research Award

William Keith

University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee

Democracy as Discussion: Civic Education and the American Forum Movement (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2007).


Argumentation and Advocacy, the flagship publication of the American Forensic Association, invites scholarly submissions concerning any dimension of argumentation studies, including but not limited to contemporary or historical argumentation theory, informal logic, pragma-dialectics, interpersonal arguing, culture and argument, public and political argument, legal argument, and forensics and pedagogy. Studies employing any appropriate research methodology are welcome.


Manuscripts conforming to the guidelines for submission should be sent to:

Dale Hample, Editor

Argumentation and Advocacy

Department of Communication

University of Maryland

2130 Skinner Building

College Park, MD 20742-7635


E-mail correspondence should be addressed to arg-adv@umd.edu.

Inquiries about book reviews should be sent to Ilon Lauer, mi-lauer@wiu.edu, or:

Ilon Lauer, Book Review Editor

Argumentation and Advocacy

Department of Communication

Western Illinois University

Macomb, IL 61455


2009 NCA/AFA Summer Conference on Argumentation

Rustler Lodge, Alta, Utah | July 30-August 2, 2009 


 The 16th Alta Conference on Argumentation will be held July 30-August 2, 2009, in Alta, Utah. Cosponsored by the National Communication Association, the American Forensic Association, and the University of Utah, the Conference brings together scholars interested in all aspects of argumentation. All sessions will be held in the Rustler Lodge, which also provides lodging and meals as part of a four day conference package. Presented papers will be considered for publication in the Conference volume. The keynote speaker is Dale Hample of the University of Maryland.


Conference Web Site: http://AltaConference.org


Conference Director: Dennis Gouran , Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802


Local Host: Danielle Endres, Department of Communication, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

A Debate Summit and Development Conference

Wake Forest University • Winston-Salem, NC | June 5-7, 2009

Sponsored by

  • American Forensics Association (AFA)
  • National Debate Tournament (NDT)
  • Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA)
  • American Debate Association (ADA)

Updated Information available at CEDA Website: http://conference.cedadebate.org/


The initiative for a national development conference for policy debate emerged from the National Debate Tournament (NDT) Board of Trustees through conversations with the NDT Committee and the leadership of the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA). This conference will mark the third national development conference for intercollegiate debate in the last half century. Previously, college debate educators have convened in Sedalia, CO at the Sedalia Retreat House in 1974 and in Evanston, IL at Northwestern University in 1984.


The conference is a forum for active coaches and directors to examine commonality on a host of issues related to intercollegiate policy debate and the coaching profession. One of the primary goals of the conference is to draft and publish a "State of the Debate Vocation" which addresses the following themes:

  • Professional Development, Research, and Advancement
  • Innovation, Practice, and the State of the Art
  • Community and Organization Building
  • The Rationale and Agenda for Policy Debate in the 21st Century

A productive conference will require the energetic participation of all members of the debate community-present and past-who find virtue in the power of a debate education.  If you are interested in chairing or serving as a member of the working groups which emerge from these themes send an email of self nomination to debatesummit@gmail.com on a rolling basis. 


Conference Director

Allan D. Louden, Wake Forest University

Steering Committee

Timothy O'Donnell, University of Mary Washington (co-chair)

Gordon Stables, University of Southern California (co-chair)

Gordon Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh

Sue Peterson, California State University, Chico

Jeffrey Jarman, Wichita State University


Distinguished Advisory Committee

Robin Rowland, University of Kansas

Thomas Hollihan, University of Southern California

David Zarefsky, Northwestern University


AFA Tournament Calendar.  To have a tournament listed in the published calendar, tournament hosts can submit information to the AFA website:  Submit a tournament. Information may also be submitted directly to the calendar editor:  Joel.Hefling@sdstate.edu   Include the tournament dates, tournament name, contact information for the tournament host, events to be held, and number of preliminary and elimination rounds.  Information should be submitted by June 1, 2009.



The Daniel Rohrer AFA Research Award recognizes outstanding scholarship in argumentation and forensics published in the previous calendar year. Any published article, text, or book in the field of argumentation and/or forensics is eligible for nomination. To nominate a published scholarly article please send a letter of nomination detailing why the publication should be honoured and a copy of the complete publication.  If the publication nominated is a book, a copy of the table of contents and of one chapter is sufficient.  Electronic submissions are preferred; hard copy submissions should include six (6) copies of all necessary materials.  Eligible scholarship for 2009 must have a publication date of 2008. The award shall be presented at the annual AFA business meeting to be held in Chicago in 2009. The committee chair must receive nominations no later than October 1, 2009. Nominations received after this date may not be considered.

The AFA Outstanding Dissertation or Thesis Award recognizes the best dissertation or thesis in the theory and practice of argumentation and forensics completed in the previous calendar year.  The candidate must be a member of AFA.  To nominate a thesis or dissertation, a letter of nomination detailing the significance of the dissertation or thesis (usually from the project advisor), a copy of the table of contents, and a representative chapter of the completed study.  Electronic submissions are preferred; hard copy submissions should include six (6) copies of all necessary materials.  Eligible scholarship for 2008 must have a completion date of 2008. The award shall be presented at the annual AFA business meeting to be held in Chicago in 2009. The committee chair must receive nominations no later than October 1, 2009. Nominations received after this date may not be considered.

Information about past recipients of these awards may be found on the AFA website.

Send nominations and submissions for the 2009 awards to:

Jim Dimock

Speech Communication Department

230 Armstrong Hall

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mankato, MN 5601


The AFA Distinguished Service Award recognizes long-term service to the American forensics community.  The recipient of the award typically comes from within the forensics community (active or retired).  Nominations do not need to be elaborate.  When possible, however, a nomination file may include a letter of nomination and the candidate's vita, indicating service and supporting items.  Areas of interest to the committee might include items such as: positive impact on the field in terms of current research practices, educational practices, community development, and consideration of career as a model for AFA professionals.

Nominations should be sent to:

David Gaer

Laramie County Community College

1400 E. College Dr. Cheyenne, WY 82001





                Distinguished Service Award                                                          Distinguished Speaker of the Year



Duane Fish

Northwest College

Actor Paul Newman


Bruce Manchester

George Mason University



Allan Louden

Wake Forest University

Former Vice President Albert Gore


Melissa Wade

Emory University

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi


David Hingstman

University of Iowa

Nina Tottenberg, National Public Radio


Dale Herbeck

Boston College

Christopher Reeve, Actor and Advocate for Medical Research


James F. Klumpp

University of Maryland

Janet Reno, Former Attorney General of the United States


Guy Yates

West Texas A & M University



James A. "Al" Johnson

Colorado College

Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center, Atlanta


Jerry M. Goldberg

Pace University, New York

Parents Campaign Against Violence in the Schools


Joseph W. Wenzel

University of Illinois, Urbana



James W. Pratt

University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations


Rebecca Bjork

University of Utah

Franklyn Haiman, President, American Civil Liberties Union


V. William Balthrop

University of North Carolina

Bill Moyers, Public Broadcasting System


Larry Schnoor

Mankato State University

Barbara Jordan, Professor of Law, University of Texas


Jerry Anderson

Concordia College (MN)

Brian Lamb, C-SPAN



Scott Nobles

Macalester College

Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States


Walter Ulrich

University of Northern Iowa

Barbara Jordan, Professor of Law, University of Texas



Gerald Sanders

Miami University (Ohio)

William Brennan, Justice, United States Supreme Court


Raymie McKerrow

University of Maine

Laurence Tribe, Professor of Law, Harvard University


David Zarefsky

Northwestern University

Dianne Feinstein, Mayor, San Francisco


Donn Parson

University of Kansas

Ann Richards, Governor, Texas


Vernon McGuire

Texas Tech University

C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General of the United States


Jack Howe

California State University-Long Beach

Franklin Zimring, Distinguished Law Professor


Malcolm Sillars

University of Utah

Richard Lamb, Governor, Colorado


Wayne Brockriede


Paul Simon, United States Senator, Illinois


Lucy Keele

California State University - Fullerton

Larry Pressler, United States Senator, South Dakota


Glenn Capp

Baylor University

Joshua B. Everett


George Ziegelmueller

Wayne State University

Thomas Bradley, Mayor, Los Angeles, California


Austin J. Freeley

John Carroll University

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


Annabel Hagood

University of Alabama

Henry Cisneros, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas




Please send any corrections to Mike Janas (mjjanas@samford.edu)



Daniel Cronn-Mills, Minnesota State University-Mankato, President

Rich Edwards, Baylor University, Vice-President

Will Baker, Impact Coalition, Vice-President for High School Affairs

Mike Janas, Samford University, Secretary

M'Liss Hindman, Tyler Jr. College, Two-Year College Representative

Carol Winkler, Georgia State University, Immediate Past President

James W. Pratt, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Executive Secretary

Allan Louden, Wake Forest University, Webmaster

Dale Hample, University of Maryland, Editor, Argumentation & Advocacy

Catherine Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa, Chair, NDT Committee

Frank Thompson, University of Alabama, Chair, NIET Committee


Nominating Committee:

Jon Bruschke, Chair,  Cal State Fullerton

David Cheshier, Georgia State University

Scott Deatherage, National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, Northwestern University

Becky Opsata, Cal State Northridge

Ben Voth, Miami University


Educational Development and Practices Committee:

Mike Davis, James Madison University, Chair (term expires 2009)

ML Sandoz, Vanderbilt University (term expires 2009)

Ben Voth, Miami University, Oh (term expires 2010)

Matt Brigham, University of Pittsburgh (term expires 2010) 

Wade Hescht, North Harris College (term expires 2011

Megan Houge, Illinois State University (term expires 2011


Finance Committee:

Danielle Weiss, Grand Valley State University, MI, Chair (term expires 2009)

Eric Morris, Missouri State University, MI (term expires 2009)

Eric Gander, Baruch College, NY (term expires 2010)

John Fritch, University of Northern Iowa (term expires 2010)

Larry Schnoor, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Chair (term expires 2011)

Bobby Imbody, Kansas State University (term expires 2011)


Professional Development and Support Committee:

Joe Bellon, Georgia State University, (term expires 2009)

Tim Brown, Cedar Crest College (term expires 2009)

Kelly McDonald, Arizona State University (term expires 2010)

Rae Lynn Schwartz-Dupre, Western Washington University, (term expires 2010)

David Gaer, Laramie County Community College, Chair (term expires 2011)

Jason Warren, George Mason University (term expires 2011)


Publications Committee:

Dan Fitzmier, Augustana College, Il (term expires 2009) 

Jamie McKown, College of the Atlantic (term expires 2009)

David Steinberg, University of Miami, FL (term expires 2010)

Rob Asen, University of Wisconsin-Madison (term expires 2010)

Dawn Bartlett, Doane College (term expires 2011)

Stephen Croucher, Bowling Green State University, Chair (term expires 2011)


Research Committee:

David Williams, Florida Atlantic University (term expires 2009)

Pat Gehrke, University of South Carolina (term expires 2009)

Marouf Hasian, University of Utah (term expires 2010)

Cate Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa (term expires 2010)

James Dimock, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Chair (term expires 2011)

Treva Dean, University of Alabama (term expires 2011)


National Debate Tournament Committee:

Ron Stevenson, Wayne State, Central Representative (term expires 2009

Tim O'Donnell, Mary Washington College, VA, Eastern Representative (term expires 2009)

Edward Lee, Emory University, Southern Representative (term expires 2010)

Sarah Partlow, Idaho State University, Western Representative (term expires 2010)


National Debate Tournament Board of Trustees:

G. Thomas Goodnight, Northwestern University, IL, Chair (term expires 2009)

Robert Rowland, University of Kansas, KS (term expires 2010)

Scott Segal, Bracewell & Guiliani (term expires 2011)

Allan Louden, Wake Forest University (term expires 2012)

Sherry Hall, Harvard University (term expires 2013)


National Invitational Events Tournament Committee:

Kellie Roberts, U of Florida, Southern Representative (term expires 2009) 

Daniel Leyes, Brookdale Community College, Eastern Representative (term expires 2009)

David Gaer, Laramie County Community College, Western Representative (term expires 2010)

Karen Morris, University of Wisconsin-Eau Clair, Central Representative (term expires 2010)


National Invitational Events Tournament Board of Trustees:

Leah White, Minnesota State University Mankato (term expires 2009)

David Gaer - Laramie County Community College - (term expires 2010)

Lee Mayfield, James Madison University (term expires 2011)

Penni Pier, Wartburg College, Iowa (term expires 2012)

Kellie Roberts, University of Florida (term expires 2013)





Minutes of the Business Meeting, Thursday, 20 November 2008, San Diego, CA


Daniel Cronn-Mills called the meeting to order (4:05 PM).  There are no additions to the agenda.


I.                    Approval of the agenda. 

II.                  Parliamentarian appointment:  Dale Herbeck will serve as parliamentarian.

III.               Historian (Gerald Sanders):

A.        There are archives established at the University of Utah.  A good deal of material has been collected so far. The archives are at a point where they can be used for research.  The National Council has agreed that the Research Committee should set up grants to do research at the archives.   We are ready by the time we get together next year to have some grants. 

B.      All donations to the AFA are tax deductible.  Just send a check to Jim Pratt to support the archives.   Any ideas regarding what we have in the archives, or should have in the archives, please forward an email.

IV.                President's Report (Daniel Cronn-Mills)

A.      Regarding the boycott of the Manchester regarding Proposition 8 and labor issues, the National Council agreed honor obligations of our affiliate agreement and avoid the trouble with finding a new place. Nothing in our bylaws provides guidance for an instance where there might be a call to move.  If people believe that we should act, please submit a proposal to discuss.

B.      CEDA national tournament issue---a high profile incident that reflected on forensics. While CEDA is not a AFA chartered organization, there is an agreement that the NDT, NIET and AFA need to have a policy in place that offers actionable steps in case there is another incident. There are proposals being reviewed.  O'Donnell and Thompson (NDT and NIET chairs) will be working hard to get a concrete proposal to present at the business meeting. While there are issues regarding having a policies, the greater harm lies with not having one.

C.      International Public Debate Association and Bob Alexander to affiliate with the AFA. The Agreement is similar to other agreements and has been vetted by Jim Pratt. There is a motion to accept the affiliate agreement which is accepted.

D.      There are members of both the NIET and the NDT that are not clear that they are chartered tournaments of the AFA. There was a motion that there be an effort to create a common brand which is accepted.

E.       The AFA did not fill all of their slots at NCA. There were 2 competitive panels and 8 others accepted by the NCA.  The AFA needs to encourage more submissions if we are to fill more slots. A pattern of disuse will result in their being taken away.  There are many organizations that have slots---but the AFA should come first.

V.                  Vice-President's Report (Rich Edwards)

A.      Theme for next year is "Discourses of Stability and Change."

B.      They want to have a "Five Year Out" Panel that will investigate the role of the organization in NCA.  There is broad latitude regarding how to enact this.

VI.                Approval of the minutes from 2007.  Moved and accepted.

VII.             Vice President for High School Affairs (Will Baker)

A.      Identifies three objectives: bridges to high schools, to integrate debate/technology into the classroom, expanding interactions between high schools and colleges.

B.      Notes that there are many places where high schools interact with the AFA. There are also potential integration with the NFL. There are also ways that technology might enter the interaction. 

C.      Should get students involved in getting information about current projects that integrate colleges with high schools and communities. It would give a sense of what is happening and would also be an opportunity to get some positive press.

VIII.           Two Year College (M'Liss Hindman)

A.      Noted attempts to include two year schools in AFA.

B.      Wanted four year schools to show interest in two year tournaments (Phi Rho Pi).

IX.                Executive Secretary (Jim Pratt).

A.      Good news is that the AFA has $117k net worth.   No money is in the stock market-only low rate CDs.

B.      Dues income is down in all categories of membership.  Institutional memberships continue to erode.  This may be the result of the journal being behind in its production. This year there are more issues and the schedule is advancing.

C.      Down in the individual memberships.  People in NIET and NDT do not recognize their relationship and the AFA is remedying that.  Student memberships are also a good way to increase the number.

D.      Archival funds are dedicated to that cause and are not a line item.  They are available now.

E.       Non-income items are dues for others---they are in and out of the bank account. They amount to about $30k

F.       We have saved some print expenses as we moved to electronic distribution resulting in a savings of $3k per year. Postage charges are also down because of email.

G.      Ballots are still a form of income, which rely on a few organizations.

H.      Royalties are at $15k.  They have not eroded the income from the journals.  AFA has not lost any print subscriptions from libraries but have increased the amount of royalties, particularly through EBSCO and a guaranteed income.

X.                  Past President (Cronn-Mills for Carol Winkler who was ill)

A.      DOJ has taken an interest in debate as an anti-violence/anti-gun strategy for public housing. 

XI.                Memorial for Jerry Anderson of Concordia College and former President of the AFA from '72-'74  (Jim Pratt)

XII.             Educational Development and Practices (Mike Davis)

A.      Two documents are in process.  One deals with electronic research and another regards a normative statement about recording competitions.  Ben Voth will be the new chair.

XIII.           Finance Committee (Danielle Wiese)

A.      Offered a proposed budget with a few changes.

B.      In the expenses line, there should not be any scanners listed

C.      The unbudgeted reserves will go to the summer conference and Alta ($2k)

D.      The unbudgeted reserves will go to the summer conference ($5k) to try to get a stronger connection with other programs

E.       Different committees should use their money to help to promote the work of the AFA.

F.       The research committee noted that Rich Littlefield received an award for using the archives. The committee should use their balance to encourage participation in the convention program.

G.      Budget was accepted.

XIV.           Professional Development and Support (Kelly McDonald)

A.      Speaker of the year is Paul Newman, well known for his philanthropy and progressive politics.

B.      Distinguished service award to Duane Fish of Northwest College.

C.      Distinguished service award to Bruce Manchester of George Mason University.

D.      Working on a professional code of conduct in conjunction with the development conferences.  Will have culminating documents in August by the time of the ALTA conference. 

E.       Question (Steve Hunt): you were working on a tenure document and coordinating with Carrie Crenshaw---we need to be concerned that we are not creating many professionals and whether we are supporting opportunities for people to learn to manage and direct programs.  McDonald notes that Carol Winkler conducted a survey that sought to get at some of these questions---but the study did not really end up providing the sort of data that would be useful. There is another move to redo the survey using some other means.

F.       Cronn-Mills noted that the IE developmental conference, there was a document that sought to create a standard and framework for jobs and progressions.

XV.              Publications Committee (Stephen Croucher)

A.      Publications Committee tried to meet but failed.

B.      The council had a discussion of how to increase the productivity of the journal.

XVI.           Argumentation and Advocacy (Dale Hample)

A.      Greatest attempt is to get back on track.

B.      The transition has taken a while and there are not enough papers to continue.  While there were some handovers---there are not enough to continue.  The revise and submit papers are the most troubling problem since they rarely resubmit.  To have any hope of getting on the calendar schedule---there will have to be more special issues than competitive ones.  Compared to the past, there is a lot of competition between conference proceedings and other journals that is cutting into the number of submissions. Argument is interesting-but there are many outlets. There is a need to become more aggressive, especially with graduate students.

C.      Wishes to systematize the relationship with ALTA and Argumentation and Advocacy.  People rarely take advantage of both opportunities.

D.      There will be a special issue on the 2008 campaign (Tom Hollihan).  It will be wide-ranging.  The goal is to have January as a deadline.

E.       Q (McDonald): are there special editions that have selected already? (Hample): two will be out of the Perelman conference and one out of the Venice conference and there will be a Lincoln-Douglas debates edition. Not all of them are complete-but special editions make the meeting of the timeline less difficult.

XVII.         Research Committee (Jim Dimock on behalf of Kate Palczewski)

A.      Jim Dimock will be chair as of June.

B.      Beginning a process of trying to solicit applications for grants to the archives.

C.      Actively encourages people for the thesis and dissertation award.

D.      2008 Dan Roher Award is awarded to William Keith

XVIII.      NIET Committee (Frank Thompson)

A.      Thanks for last year's tournament

B.      This year they will be at U. Akron, 3-6 April.

C.      Next year will be at U.W. Eau-Claire.

D.      Last year Richard Paine (North Central College), Jolene Edwards (U Mississippi) got distinguished service awards. David Gaer (Laramie County Community College) is the award winner for this year.

E.       NIET will create a new alumni group.

XIX.           NDT Committee (Tim O'Donnell)

A.      2009 Tournament will be at the University of Texas

B.      2010 will be at UC Berkeley

C.      Thanks for the AFA work with a code of conduct.

D.      Debate community will have a development conference hosted by Wake Forest University in June. It will attempt to document the state of debate and plan a way forward.

E.       Q; (Hunt)  Is this just for policy debate?  (Al Louden), all are invited.  We will actively reach out for other models. However, the primary focus will be policy debate.

XX.              There is no old Business Cards

XXI.           There is no new business or new resolutions

XXII.         Motion to adjourn is quickly agreed.


Respectfully submitted


Michael Janas



Minutes of the Executive Council


Daniel Cronn-Mills: Call to order at 12:00 PM.  The minutes were distributed.  The minutes were accepted upon a motion.


I.  AFA Historian (Gerald Sanders)

A. We should limit the NDT ballots preserved by the archive to just the elimination rounds.  He made  specific statements regarding what would be saved.  He also noted that the University of Utah would recognize the archives next year and called for new rules for what should be included. He also said he was seeking to have the AFA recognized as an educational as well as an activity based program.

B.  Archives fund has some money.  The research committee should offer special awards for people using the archives at the University of Utah.

C. James W. Pratt noted that there were no limitations on the funds and that this would be possible.

D. James Dimock asked if the grants would be small, or, how they would be made available.  Since it is not an endowment---it is limited to funds available. There is an opportunity to try and raise some funds for the program.   However, the research committee should deal directly with this.


II. Professional Development and Support Committee (Kelly McDonald). 

A.      Moving forward on liability and code of conduct in conjunction with several other groups. There are timelines with the CEDA development conference and the AFA summer conference to bring forward a clear mandate. 

B.      Seeks approval for the Speaker of the Year, Paul Newman.  The nomination was accepted.

C.      It was expressed by the committee that while they recommended Duane Fish (Northwest College).  The nomination was accepted

D.      Three members brought a request that there be a second award for an additional nominee.   There have never been two service awards in the past.   Pratt noted that there has never been a rule against it. McDonald noted that he would be bringing forth additional criteria. Bruce Manchester was nominated for the honor.  The nomination was accepted. 

E.       Cronn-Mills noted that they were on the way to working through code of conduct issues and liability issues and would have a report in the future.

F.       Will Baker noted that since there was not a limit to the number of awards. If there should be a limit.  McDonald will bring it back to the committee.

III.               Finance Committee (James Dimock)

A.      James Pratt distributed the financial sheet for the year. While the value of the organization is up, membership is down in every group.  Pratt noted that constituent organizations do not promote AFA membership. Donations ($1550) are for the archives.  Since invested money is in CD's they are largely unaffected by the markets.  Royalties ($13K) come from electronic distribution through EBSCO which guarantees $3750 per quarter.  Smaller royalties come from other groups.

B.      In expenses, there is not much different.  The newsletter and directory has switched to on-line email publication.  It has reduced the secretarial costs and postage. The area of concern is that the directory has not been published since 2006.  If there will be an online version---then the organization should dedicate some effort.  The only real difference is that there were 6 issues of the journal last year which moves toward the publication schedule.  All of the publications came in under their $5k budgeted costs.  The one other thing tied is that income from agency memberships, library subscription agencies, which has more to do with the publication schedule rather than the actual membership.

C.      Ballot sales still give a modest income.  High schools, particularly several specific leagues, are consistent customers.

D.      Savings account analysis demonstrates that AFA has $44k on hand, with more in CD's. 

E.       The only outstanding account receivable is a single school that owes for ballots.

F.       Will Baker asked about the EBSCO payment---is the payment listed a partial?  Yes, it has to do with the way that the budget year lays out.  Since the minimum is guaranteed, it is not itemized. Baker:  Under ballot sales---what is the relation of the second column to the first.  The second is a running subtotal---which is why there are repeats.

G.      A motion to accept the financial statements was approved.

H.      Pratt noted that the new budget was optimistic---since it assumed that the AFA would increase the number of members, especially student members.

I.        There was an unbudgeted reserve item. They voted to send $2k to send the President to the Alta and Debate conferences. They approved $5k for sponsorships for the AFA summer debate conference.  They also approved $300.00 for Danielle Weise to attend the debate conference.  This leaves $650.00 in the unbudgeted reserve.

J.        Mike Janas asked if there were periodic audits. Pratt noted that the yearly income statements to the IRS required them.


IV.                Publication (Stephen Croucher for Dale Hample)

A.      Hample has received 51 total-most of which were carried forward from the previous editor: 16 rejected, 4 accepted, 7 revisions and 23 waiting for reviewers. This is a 14% acceptance rate.

B.      Hample is concerned that he has only published one issue of the journal. The difficulties are due to the number of authors who do not revise or do not do so promptly. Reviewers are often late or do not do it at all.  As a consequence, there are more special issues---most issues in the future will the special issues.  This is unavoidable if the journal is going to get back on schedule.  Special issues involve Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Perelman conference, the election, the Venice Conference and perhaps another. Proposes to approach Dennis Gouran about some systematic relationship with the ALTA conference to help gain publishable essays.  A new feature will appear regarding vocabulary for argument studies. Seeking speakers from other languages. It will be modeled on the book review subject. Seek to get a single essay on each language.

C.      The publications committee did not get a quorum for their meeting due to room changes. On the agenda, there is a need to have a new chair.  Will discuss the report on the journal.  Solicited comments on the letter from Dale Hample.

D.      A discussion of review boards followed, looking for ways to get reviewers to look at the material. Cronn-Mills said that we should seek a systematic review of reviewers and to make it clear that they will be dropped if they do not follow through.  The editorial board serves at the will of the editor.  Baker suggested that since people are often busy, and the goal is to get their attention---updates at regular intervals tends to have a positive effect on people. Cronn-Mills noted that quicker deadlines often worked better than longer ones.  Croucher noted that very little individual events material was included because the call was very restrictive---and the reviewers were not supporters. If it is the flagship journal of AFA---then it should try to include some of its materials from the constituent organizations.  Cronn-Mills noted that an expansion of the mission might be good since there are more argument journals that it competes against.  Dimock noted that this is a broad-reaching issues---that the lag was quite long.  Cronn-Mills noted that we may be overworking the reviewers.  Croucher noted that the submission process was antiquated---where you need to email and mail copies to the editor. Cronn-Mills noted that some of the paper issue had to do with the technology of the reviewers. Croucher noted that an on-line manuscript submission would be easier and simpler. It would try to be RTF or PDF files. Rich Edwards spoke in favor of efficiency in the submission process. Dimock noted that it might help to be more clear with deadlines-how much time to resubmit to create the sense that there is a clock that is moving rather than an open-ended offer.  Edwards suggested that this might be a good time for a race relations topic.

V.                  Nominative Committee did not meet. They are on a two-year cycle.

VI.                Education Committee did not send a representative.

VII.             Research Committee (James Dimock)

A.      Had a quorum, but most of the work was by email.  Nominated William Keith's work for the Roher award (a chapter regarding contest debating and public pedagogy).  There were several excellent submissions.  It was well written and researched. The nomination was accepted.  There were no nominees for the thesis/dissertation award. 

B.      More publicity would help.

VIII.           Presidents Report (Dan Cronn-Mills).

A.      Began with a lament for the CEDA incident.

B.      The boycott of the hotel issue was put off. The Executive Council, for numerous reasons---the least of which was the previous obligation---decided to stay put.   Those who sent emails got responses that encouraged them to submit proposals.  None have been forwarded.

C.      We did not use all of our available slots at NCA. There were 12 slots and we used 8 for panels and 2 for competitive papers.  It is likely that they will be stripped in the future.  After contacting other organizations, there were still no additional submissions. AFA had 6 competitive papers that formed 2 panels and had 8 submitted panels.  Part of the problem is that there are a lot of forensic slots---which comes to 42 total slots---which is a lot. This causes a diffusion of research.  Croucher noted that we could tailor the call so that we increased the number of submissions.  Cronn-Mills noted that the call did seem exceptionally long.  In the future it will be Rich Edwards' problem. The call has to be finalized by 8 December. With the new theme, however, there is a need to have a panel that regards the NCA centennial.

D.      There is a request for affiliation by the International Public Debate Association (IPDA). The IPDA already approved it. The primary objective is to have the AFA help to manage IPDA dues.  Already the AFA collects for a host of organizations. This would be the 9th group to utilize these services.  It was moved that it should be forwarded to the national business meeting.

E.       There is a widespread notion that the NDT is independent of the AFA instead of chartered by it. To that end, there is a new AFA logo that will attempt to brand the national tournaments in a consistent way.

F.       Edwards asked if there was an appropriate committee to put together a "five year out" panel.  Croucher argued that it was the job of the research committee. Cronn-Mills noted that there were lots of potential ways of looking at this and that no real committee seemed to be in charge which meant that it was a convention planning problem.  Pratt gave several observations regarding the history of the organization.


IX.                Past President (Dan Cronn-Mills for Carol Winkler)

A.      The Department of Justice has taken a heightened interest in debate as a way to combat violence in public housing. Most US attorney and police captains sought more training on debate. There should be grant opportunities in the future.

X.                  Vice-President's Report (Rich Edwards) noted that this was a long-term endeavor and sought all help.

XI.                 Pratt noted that we should remember Jerry Anderson (Concordia College) AFA President '72-74 who passed away this year. He read a memorial.

XII.             Two-year college (M'Lisss Hindman)

A.      Continuing the work to get more two year members. There is some movement in a positive direction.

XIII.           High School Relations (Will Baker)

A.      Noted efforts to connect the work of the AFA to the work of high schools.  Sought to increase organizational outreach. Noted that there was not much of information regarding how members have worked with high schools.  It is also a way of getting new publicity. He advocated a survey that would be worked through affiliated organizations.  Data should be collected by organizational interns.

B.      Cronn-Mills noted that it might be worthwhile to have an affiliate relationship with the NFL. He noted that Mankato had an online program for graduate study for continuing education credits for high school coaches. So far, Mankato has ten completed modules and twenty potential CEU modules that might be translated into graduate credits.

XIV. There was a motion to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM.


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