AFA Newsletter - January/February 2008 - Vol 30, No. 2




VOL. 30,  NO. 2 -- January/February 2008

Officers of the AFA, p. 2

Appointments and Award Winners, p. 3

National Developmental Conference Information, p. 4

Tournament Calendar Submission Information, p. 4

Call for Nominations: Research Awards, p. 5

Call for Nominations: Distinguished Service Award, p. 5-6

AFA Committees, 2007-2008, p. 7-8

AFA Annual Meeting (NCA 2008), p. 9

Minutes of Business Meeting 207, p. 10-12

Minutes of National Council Meeting 2007, p. 13-15

Financial Statement and Proposed Budget, p. 15-21

CFP, Argumentation and Advocacy, and Editorial Policy, p. 22-23

AFA Ballots, p. 24


 The AFA Newsletter is published three times each year and is sent to all current AFA individual members. The first issue (September) contains a directory of current members of the American Forensic Association and a supplement to the tournament calendar for the current academic year. The second issue (January) contains the minutes of AFA Business and National Council meetings from the AFA's annual convention and a supplement to the membership directory. The third issue (June) contains the tournament calendar for the following academic year. Each issue also contains news items of interest to members.

      You are invited to submit material to be published in the Newsletter. You may submit news items, announcements, or articles (especially ones which are related to forensic activities). Items for the newsletter should be sent to: James W. Pratt, PO Box 256, River Falls, WI 54022, or via e-mail to Closing dates for each issue of the Newsletter are September 15th, for issue #1; January 15th, for issue #2; and June 15th, for issue #3.





*****Elections for new officers will be held in March; Candidate Statements will be posted on the AFA website


Carol Winkler, Georgia State University, President

Daniel Cronn-Mills, Minnesota State University-Mankato, Vice-President

Alan H. Coverstone, Montgomery Bell Academy, Vice-President for High School Affairs

Kelly Happe, University of Georgia, Secretary

Darren Elliot, Kansas City Community College, Two-Year College Representative

Gordon Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh, Immediate Past President

James W. Pratt, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Executive Secretary

Allan Louden, Wake Forest University, Webmaster

Dale Hample, University of Maryland, Editor, Argumentation & Advocacy

Catherine Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa, Chair, NDT Committee

Frank Thompson, University of Alabama, Chair, NIET Committee




Congratulations to Dr. Scott Deatherage,

newly appointed Executive Director of the

National Association for Urban Debate Leagues


To read the press release, go to:

Distinguished Speaker of the Year Award
Al Gore
Environmental Activist, Oscar Winner, and former US Senator and Vice President
Distinguished Service Award
Professor Allan Louden
Former Director of Forensics, Wake Forest University
Daniel Rohrer Research Award

Gordon Mitchell

University of Pittsburgh

"Team B Intelligence Coups," Quarterly Journal of Speech 42(May 2006)


Daniel Rohrer Dissertation/Thesis Award

James P. Dimock

Minnesota State University-Mankato

"The Place of Parliamentary Debate in a Pedagogy of Argumentation"


Brockriede Memorial Research Grant


B. Robert S. Littlefield

North Dakota State University


Michael D. Bartanen

Pacific Lutheran University


"American Forensics in the 20th Century: An Uneasy Fusion of Democracy and Competition






The 4th National Developmental Conference on Individual Events will be held the weekend of July 31-August 2, at Bradley University and the Hotel Pére Marqutte, Peoria.  The purpose of the Conference is to allow for full and open consideration of selected topic areas that affect the forensic community at large.  The cost of the conference will be determined by the number of participants attending and all efforts are being made to keep the cost reasonable so more may attend.  It is open to coaches, judges and students interested in all aspects of forensics.  As in past conferences, there will be various topics for the sessions. Groups will be the same for sessions 1-2-3, and new groups will be in sessions 4-5-6.  The number of groups will be determined by the number of topic areas selected and the number of individuals attending the conference.  Each group will come up with recommendations /resolutions to be further discussed and debated at a General Assembly session which concludes the conference.  As in previous developmental conferences, none of the recommendations/resolutions will have a binding effect but will be printed in the Conference Proceedings and can be used by individuals in working with their respective forensic organizations.  The conference is supported by the AFA, AFA-NIET, NFA, DSR-TKA, and NCA Argumentation and Forensic Division.  Reservations can be made directly with the Hotel Pére Marquette in Peoria, $99 plus tax.  Room rate includes a full breakfast buffet.  Anyone wishing more information may contact Larry Schnoor at

Proceedings of previous conferences are also available on line at




The AFA publishes a Tournament Calendar each year.  To have a tournament listed in the published calendar, tournament hosts can submit information to the AFA website:  Submit a tournament Information may also be submitted directly to the calendar editor:   Include the tournament dates, tournament name, contact information for the tournament host, events to be held, and number of preliminary and elimination rounds.  Information should be submitted by June 1, 2008.


Joel Hefling

Asst. Prof./Director of Forensics

Comm. Studies & Theatre, Box 2218

South Dakota State University

Brookings, SD 57007-1197






The Daniel Rohrer AFA Research Award recognizes outstanding scholarship in argumentation and forensics published in the previous calendar year. Any published article, text, or book in the field of argumentation and/or forensics is eligible for nomination. To nominate a published scholarly article please send a letter of nomination detailing why the publication should be honoured and a copy of the complete publication.  If the publication nominated is a book, a copy of the table of contents and of one chapter is sufficient.  Electronic submissions are preferred; hard copy submissions should include six (6) copies of all necessary materials.  Eligible scholarship for 2008 must have a publication date of 2007. The award shall be presented at the annual AFA business meeting to be held in San Diego in 2008. The committee chair must receive nominations no later than October 1, 2008. Nominations received after this date may not be considered.


The AFA Outstanding Dissertation or Thesis Award recognizes the best dissertation or thesis in the theory and practice of argumentation and forensics completed in the previous calendar year.  The candidate must be a member of AFA.  To nominate a thesis or dissertation, a letter of nomination detailing the significance of the dissertation or thesis (usually from the project advisor), a copy of the table of contents, and a representative chapter of the completed study.  Electronic submissions are preferred; hard copy submissions should include six (6) copies of all necessary materials.  Eligible scholarship for 2008 must have a completion date of 2007. The award shall be presented at the annual AFA business meeting to be held in San Diego in 2008. The committee chair must receive nominations no later than October 1, 2008. Nominations received after this date may not be considered.


Information about past recipients of these awards may be found on the AFA website.

Send nominations and submissions for the 2008 awards to:


Catherine Palczewski

AFA Research Committee Chair

Department of Communication Studies

University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0139





The Professional Development and Support Committee of the AFA would like to invite nominations for the AMERICAN FORENSIC ASSOCIATION DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.  AFA will present the award at the annual convention in San Diego in 2008.  The  Distinguished Service Award recognizes long-term service to the American forensics community.  The recipient of the award typically comes from within the forensics community (active or retired).  Nominations do not need to be elaborate.  When possible, however, a nomination file may include a letter of nomination and the candidate's vita, indicating service and supporting items.  Areas of interest to the committee might include items such as: positive impact on the field in terms of current research practices, educational practices, community development, and consideration of career as a model for AFA professionals.



Nominations should be sent to:


Kelly M. McDonald, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Principal, Consortium for Strategic Communication 

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

PO Box 871205

Tempe, AZ  85287-1205

Office:  474 Stauffer Hall

Phone:  (480) 965-2027 (direct)

Fax:  (480) 965-4291





Distinguished Service Award                          Distinguished Speaker of the Year

1979 - Annabel Hagwood                                                1979 - Henry Cisneros

1980 - Austin J. Freeley                                     1980 - Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

1981 - George Ziegelmueller                             1981 -Thomas Bradley

1982 - Glen Capp                                               1982 - Joshua Everett

1983 - Lucy Keele                                              1983 - Larry Pressler

1984 - Wayne Brockreid                                   1984 - Paul Simon

1985 - Malcolm Sillars                                      1985 - Richard Lamb

1986 - Jack Howe                                              1986 - Frank Zimring

1987 - Vernon McGuire                                    1987 - C. Everett Koop

1988 - Donn Parson                                           1988 - Ann Richards

1989 - David Zarefsky                                      1989 - Dianne Feinstein

1990 - Raymie McKerrow                                                1990 - Lawrence Tribe

1991 - Gerald Sanders                                       1991 - William Brennan

1992 - Walter Ulrich                                           1992 - Barbara Jordan

1993 - Scott Nobles                                            1993 - Hilary Rodham Clinton

1994 - Jerry Anderson                                       1994 - Brian Lamb

1995 - Larry Schnoor                                        1995 - Barbara Jordan

1996 - Bill Balthrop                                           1996 - Bill Moyers

1997 - Rebecca Bjork                                       1997 - Franklyn Haiman

1998 - James W. Pratt                                       1998 - Kofi Annan

1999 - Joseph W. Wenzel                                  1999 - Columbine High School Parents

2000 - Jerry M. Goldberg                                  2000 - Jimmy Carter

2001 - James A. "Al" Johnson                         2001 - Jimmy Carter

2002 - Guy Yates                                               2003 - Janet Reno

2003 - James F. Klumpp                                    2004 - Christopher Reeve

2004 - Dale Herbeck                                           2005 - Nina Totenberg

2005 - David Hingstman                                   2006 - Nancy Pelosi

2006 - Melissa M. Wade





Please send any corrections to Kelly Happe mailto:at


Educational Development and Practices Committee

Sarah Partlow, Idaho State University (term expires 2008)

Daniel Cronn-Mills, Minnesota State University-Mankato (term expires 2008)

Mike Davis, George Mason University (term expires 2009)

M.L. Sandos, Vanderbilt University (term expires 2009)

Ben Voth, Miami University, Oh (term expires 2010)

Damien Pfister, University of Pittsburgh (term expires 2010)


Finance Committee

Steven Koch, Capital University, OH (term expires 2008)

Heidi Hamilton, Emporia State University, KS (term expires 2008)

Danielle Weiss, Grand Valley State University, MI (term expires 2009) Chair

Eric Morris, Missouri State University, MI (term expires 2009)

Eric Gander, Baruch College, NY (term expires 2010)

John Fritch, University of Northern Iowa (term expires 2010)


Professional Development and Support Committee

Marilyn Young, Florida State University, FL (term expires 2008)

Doyle Srader, Northwest Christian College, OR (term expires 2008)

Joe Bellon, Georgia State University, (term expires 2009)

Elisa Cohen, University of St. Louis (term expires 2009)

Kelly McDonald, Arizona State University (term expires 2010)

Rae Lynn Schwartz-Dupre, Western Washington University, (term expires 2010)


Publications Committee

Bill Balthrop, University of North Carolina, NC (term expires 2008)

Ann Marie Todd, Chair, San Jose State University, CA (term expires 2008)

Dan Fitzmier, Augustana College, Il (term expires 2009)

Jamie McKown, College of Charleston, SC (term expires 2009)

David Steinberg, University of Miami, FL (term expires 2010) Chair

Rob Asen, University of Wisconsin-Madison (term expires 2010)


Research Committee

Matthew Sobnosky, Hofstra University, NY (term expires 2008) 

Jeffrey H. Pierson, Bridgewater College, VA (term expires 2008)

David Williams, Florida Atlantic University (term expires 2009)

Pat Gehrke, Pennsylvania State University (term expires 2009)

Marouf Hasian, University of Utah (term expires 2010)

Cate Palczewski, University of Northern Iowa (term expires 2010) Interim Chair


National Debate Tournament Committee

Edward Lee, Emory University, Southern Representative (term expires 2008)

Brian Lain, University of North Texas, Western Representative (term expires 2008)

Joe Zompetti, Illinois State University, Central Representative (term expires 2009)

Tim O'Donnell, Mary Washington College, VA, Eastern Representative (term expires 2009)


National Debate Tournament Board of Trustees

Sherry Hall, Harvard University (term expires 2008)

G. Thomas Goodnight, University of Southern California (term expires 2009) Chair

Robert Rowland, University of Kansas, KS (term expires 2010)

Scott Segal, Bracewell & Guiliani (term expires 2011)

Allan Louden, Wake Forest University (term expires 2012)


National Invitational Events Tournament Committee

David Gaer, Laramie County Community College,Western Representative (term expires 2008)

Karen Morris, University of Wisconsin-Eau Clair, Central States Representative (term expires 2008)

Kellie Roberts, U of Florida, Southern Representative (term expires 2009) 

Daniel Leyes, Brookdale Community College, Eastern Representative (term expires 2009)


National Invitational Events Tournament Board of Trustees

Kellie Roberts, University of Florida (term expires 2008)

Leah White, Minnesota State University Mankato (term expires 2009)

David Gaer - Laramie County Community College - (term expires 2010).

Lee Mayfield, James Madison University (term expires 2011)

Penni Pier, Wartburg College, Iowa (term expires 2012)




Annual Convention, Friday, Nov. 21st-24th, 2008, San Diego, CA

Meeting concurrently with the National Communication Association

and other affiliated organizations


Meeting space and accommodations hosted by the

Manchester Grand Hyatt


For more details, see the NCA web site:

AFA Meetings will be held on Thursday, November 20th, 2008

(Please check the AFA website for the most current information:



Standard Agenda

AFA Business Meeting, San Diego

November 20, 2008

I. Call to Order


II. Appointment of Parliamentarian


III. Approval of Minutes, 2007 Business Meeting


IV. Reports of Officers and National Council Members


V. Committee Reports

            A. Standing Committees

                        1. Educational Development & Practices

                        2. Finance

                        3. Professional Development & Support

                        4. Publications

                        5. Research

            B. Chartered Committees

                        1. NIET Committee

                        2. NDT Committee


VI. Old Business


VII. New Business


VIII. Resolutions




 Minutes of the AFA Business Meeting

Please visit our website:
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
Palmer House, Hilton, Chicago



I.  The minutes of the 2006 meeting were approved.


II.  President's Report


A. President Winkler announced that Jim Pratt will continue on as Executive Secretary.

B.  Winkler then discussed AFA's affiliate agreement with NCA.  NCA is asking for

more accurate assessments of room needs and requested that affiliates get a smaller number of rooms for pre-conference business meetings.  Winkler observed that this would be too restrictive for AFA, as committees would not be able to meet every year.  After negotiations, President Winkler was able to secure enough rooms for all AFA committees to meet and to hold the annual reception.  Winkler agreed to release the names and email address of active committee members to NCA (NCA had wanted a more extensive list of AFA attendees).  Winkler recommended that the newsletter encourage membership in NCA and attendance to convention.

C. Discussion included concern over whether AFA members would have to become members of NCA and pre-register for the conference if names released; Carol clarified that this would not be the case.

D. The motion to accept the affiliate agreement passed.

E.  The Council then accepted the proposed change to the EBSCO contract which would run for 5 years and would increase royalties from $10,000 to $15,000.

F.  The Council then approved the nomination for Speaker of the Year, Al Gore.

G. President Winkler provided a report of the discussion regarding the AFA archives, noting that one way to avoid overcrowding of the Utah archive is to start storing documents electronically.  NIET and NDT will now use scanners for debate ballots, for example.

H.  Jerry Sanders noted that researchers are making good use of the archives.  Many difficult decisions will need to be made, however, regarding which materials to save and which materials to discard.  The most pressing issue in the short-term is what to do with the debate ballots, may of which are illegible.  One proposal is to archive ballots from elimination rounds only, and to scan ballots.  Sanders indicated that he is still looking for items to include and the archive is taking submissions/donations.  Examples include papers of former debaters, directors of forensics (e.g., Annabel Haygood, University of Alabama).  Inquiries can be sent to; there will be a ceremony about the archives at the 2009 Alta conference.


III.  Vice President's Report

A. Vice President Cronn-Mills provided a report on the 2006 NCA conference, including number of submissions and acceptances, as well as paper awards.

B.  Cronn-Mills then reported on conference planning for the 2008 NCA conference and distributed the CFP.  He discussed ways that AFA can encourage more submissions for NCA.


IV.  Executive Secretary Report

A.  Executive Secretary Pratt highlighted some items on the proposed budget document, including number of issues of Argumentation and Advocacy paid for, and monies left over for additional issues.

B.  Pratt also mentioned that only 70 institutional agency dues are currently paid for (out of 275); these tend to not be paid in a timely manner.

C.  Ballot sales are decreasing, but are still strong, especially for high school tournaments.

D.  Pratt reiterated that EBSCO royalties will be increasing.

E.  The AFA newsletter will now be in electronic form; the first electronic issue was distributed via email in October.  This move will save approximately $1810.

F. The printing of the directory has been delayed, as it is a document that requires password protection on the website.  Webmaster Louden indicated that this is possible.

G.  Regarding the proposed budget, 2 changes were made by the finance committee which were both additions from the unbudgeted reserve: a $500 honorarium for webmaster and $1000 for two scanners (for scanning debate ballots).


V.  Two-Year College Representative Report

A.  Darren Elliot reported on the problem of two-year educational institutions with forensics programs not joining the national organizations, such as the NDT.

B.  Elliot reported on the number of programs represented at NDT and CEDA tournaments and the number who are actually members; he then discussed reasons for this and some possible actions that might increase formal membership in forensics associations.


VI. National Developmental Conference on Individual Events

A.  Larry Schnoor reported that the next Development Conference for Individual Events will take place at Bradley University in Peoria, IL, July 31-August 2.  Schnoor requested AFA matching funds.  He also reported that proceedings will be available online and as hard copy.

B.  The motion was passed with no discussion.


VII.  High School Representative


No report


VIII.  Past President

A. President Winkler presented on behalf of past-president Gordon Mitchell.

B.  Winkler described Mitchell's call for strategic planning as a way to articulate both a vision for AFA and charges for its various committees.


IX.  Nominating Committee

A. President Winkler presented on behalf of the Nominating Committee.

B.  A list of nominations for the 2008 elections was distributed to members.


X.  Finance Committee

A. Heidi Hamilton, chair of the finance committee, reported that a new budget was approved and presented it to attendees of the business meeting for approval.

B.  Hamilton reported that the new chair of the committee will be Danielle Wiese.

C.  The budget was approved without discussion (although it was noted that funds would be made available for the development conference).


XI.  Professional Development and Support

A.  Doyle Srader, chair of the committee, reported on the need to revisit the problem of tenure for Directors of Forensics.  The committee believes another survey should be conducted by graduate students looking for national service.  It is proposed that potential grad students be identified via a targeted survey of DOF's.

B.  Doyle identified the need for resources for those DOFs going up for tenure.  He noted the interest in charging the publications committee with gathering rejection rates and average review turn-around times for the major journals, as well as gathering information as to what makes various journals "unique" and worthy of listing on research guidelines by various departments (e.g., Controversia does not have a high rejection rate, but is an international journal).

C.  Discussion about the motion included noting that Carrie Crenshaw has put together a study on what it takes to get tenure as DOF, so should be consulted.

D.  The motion passed.

E.  It was announced that Al Louden is the 2007 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.

F. No new chair of the committee was elected.


X.  Publications Committee

A.  David Steinberg, new chair of the committee, reported. 

B.  Steinberg discussed problems with reproduction quality by EBSCO (e.g, some documents are being "chopped off").  The committee will work with EBSCO to resolve the problem.

C. Steinberg encouraged members to purchase Alta proceedings to ensure continued publication by NCA.


XI.  Argumentation and Advocacy

1. Randy Lake, outgoing editor of Argumentation Advocacy, reported that all of his issues are in press.  One of the issues is a special double issue on visual argument; he was sure to have this issue published in the same year so that citation information is consistent.

2. Lake then reported that Dale Hample, the new editor, is accepting manuscripts and has been getting submissions since July 2007.  Hample has 15 or so manuscripts; Lake has forwarded some revise-and-resubmits to him.  All in all, the transition has been going smoothly.


XII.  Research Committee

A.  Matt Sobnosky, chair of the Research Committee, revealed the winner of the 2007 Rohrer Memorial Award, Gordon Mitchell, for his "Team B Intelligence Coups," Quarterly Journal of Speech 42(May 2006). The thesis award went to James P. Dimock, for his "The Place of Parliamentary Debate in a Pedagogy of Argumentation," Department of Speech Communication, Minnesota State University-Mankato.

B. Robert S. Littlefield, North Dakota State University and Michael D. Bartanen, Pacific Lutheran University, received a Brockriede Memorial Research Grant for their historical research project, "American Forensics in the 20th Century: An Uneasy Fusion of Democracy and Competition."

C. Cate Palczewski agreed to serve provisionally as chair of the Research Committee

D.  The winner of dissertation/thesis award will also win a year free membership in the AFA.


XIII.  AFA-NIET Committee Report

A. Frank Thompson provided the report of the committee.

B.  Thompson thanked Leah White for hosting the national tournament at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Larry Schnoor served as Tournament Director. The 2008 AFA-NIET will be held next at UT Austin, April 4-7, 2008.  Randy Cox will serve as tournament host.  In 2009, the tournament will be held at the University of Akron, OH.

C. Two were selected for outstanding service awards:  Richard Payne, North Central College, IL, and Joanne Edwards, University of Mississippi.


XIV.  NDT Report

A. Gordon Stables presented the report.

B.  The 2007 NDT host was Stefan Bauschard; he noted that fees for the tournament were reduced considerably. 

C.  The 2008 NDT will be held at Cal State Fullerton.

D.  Stables thanked the AFA for allocating funds for a scanner.

E.  Stables reported that the committee affirmed the Code of Ethics regarding sexual harassment.

F.  The committee will be making recommendations for revising the Code of Ethics in light of recent controversies (for example, role of observers needs to be clarified).  Guidance will be sought from the AFA Code of Professional Ethics, section on competitive practices.


XV.  New Business

There was no new Business.


A motion to adjourn was approved.


Respectfully submitted,


Kelly Happe

Recording Secretary


 Minutes of the AFA National Council

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
Palmer House, Hilton, Chicago


I.  The meeting was called to order with Carol Winkler (Georgia State University) presiding and Kelly Happe (University of Georgia) serving as recording secretary.    Those present included Daniel Cronn-Mills, Vice-President (Minnesota State University-Mankato); David Steinberg, chair of the Publications Committee (University of Miami); Randy Lake, Editor, Argumentation and Advocacy (University of Southern California); Heidi Hamilton, chair of the Finance Committee (Emporia State University); Doyle Srader, chair of the Professional Development and Support Committee (Northwest Christian College); James W. Pratt, Executive Secretary (University of Wisconsin, River Falls); Darren Elliot, Two-Year College Representative (Kansas City, KS)



I.  Archives Project

1. Gerry Sanders, AFA historian, provided a report on the Archives Project.

2. Sanders reported that the NDT ballots stored in the AFA archives in Utah (University of Utah) are illegible and take up a lot of room. He proposed that ballots from elimination rounds only should be saved as well as a copy of each annual NDT results booklet.  The latter is Sanders' recommendation.  Sanders further suggested that ground rules need to be established to make sure relevant artifacts are saved, such as recordings of the NDT final round.  He noted that there should be enough space for saving these things even if we can't save all ballots in the archives.  He ended by pointing out that the archives have been very useful for researchers.

3. Sanders clarified, after a question by Gordon Mitchell, that there is a table of contents for the archives.

4. Cronn-Mills suggested that high-speed scanners be used to make electronic files of debate ballots.  Sanders agreed.

5. A proposal to allocate funds for the purchase of scanners and to contact NDT and NIET about this idea was seconded and approved.

6.  Sanders then discussed the oral history tapes.  He reiterated the need for past presidents to make tapes for this project.

7. Sanders ended by suggesting a formal opening and publicity for the archives at the 2009 Alta conference.  He made clear that he is always looking for new material to add; it was noted that scouting reports from coaches would be a great addition to the archives.


II.  Professional Development and Support

1.  Doyle Srader, chair of the committee, reported on the survey that was conducted last year to collect data about the health of forensics programs and about tenure and promotion of Directors of Forensics.  The survey was only marginally helpful, as only 75 people responded.  Problems with distribution and with competing surveys (folks reported "survey fatigue" at tournaments) undermined the survey's success.

2. Srader reported on the committee's recommendation that more work be done with affiliates in order to ensure the success of future surveys.  It was also recommended that student researchers be recruited to conduct telephone surveys of DOFs.  These researchers can then ask if the Directors know of any graduate assistants looking for service who might then be asked to serve on AFA committees and/or conduct additional surveys/interviews regarding forensics programs across the country. 

3.  The committee also recommends that new tenure guidelines be drafted to help candidates with the job interview process, with putting together a timeline for tenure, and with ranking journals (the latter is necessary in order to help strategically place publications during one's probationary period).


III.  Finance Committee

1. Heidi Hamilton, chair of the committee, reported that the budget was approved with just one addition, a stipend/honorarium for the webmaster. 

2.  The new chair will be Danielle Wiese.

3.  Jim Pratt, executive secretary reported that it was his sense, along with Hamilton's, that there was room in the budget to spend $1000 on two high-speed portable scanners for the archives project.

4. Randy Lake, past editor of Argumentation and Advocacy, noted that the financial statement for last year lists only 2 issues of journal, which means that more money is needed for the next budget in order to catch up.  Pratt indicated that the issues are all paid for; extra money saved from the last budget cycle will be used to publish 4 issues of the journal.


IV.  Argumentation and Advocacy

1. Randy Lake, outgoing editor of Argumentation Advocacy, reported that all of his issues are in press.  One of the issues is a special double issue on visual argument; he was sure to have this issue published in the same year so that citation information is consistent.

2. Lake then reported that Dale Hample, the new editor, is accepting manuscripts and has been getting submissions since July 2007.  Hample has 15 or so manuscripts; Lake has forwarded some revise-and-resubmits to him.  All in all, the transition has been going smoothly.


V. Publications Committee


1.  David Steinberg discussed the Alta proceedings.  He stated that they will be available soon.  He encouraged members to contact NCA and ask that the proceedings be published and made available, as it is an important publication.

2. Steinberg further discussed the importance of EBSCO for NCA publications and expressed support for the Amendment to License Agreement.  He indicated some problems with scans available through the EBSCO database.

3. Steinberg ended with a call for compiling rejection rates and other pertinent information regarding NCA publications.


VI.  Nominating Committee


1. President Winkler distributed the report from the Nominating Committee.  Nominations were made for Vice President, Secretary, Two-Year College Representative, and High School Representative.

2. The Nominating Committee consists of Jon Bruschke, David Cheshier, Mike Colletti, Susan Collie, Scott Deatherage, Glen Frappier, Rosie Mays, Becky Opsata, Ben Voth, and Joe Zompetti.


VII.  Education Committee


No report.


VIII.  Research Committee


1. The committee reported the names of the recipients of research awards for 2007.

2. No additional business was reported.



IX.  President's Report


1. President Winkler reported that she was contacted regarding new NCA rules for affiliates.  She worked with NCA Vice-President Buckner on a deadline extension so that AFA could comply with the new rules according to its bylaws.  Winkler agreed, per the addendum, to provide NCA with the names of standing committee members who meet the Wednesday before the convention.  It is also now the case that if AFA needs any AV equipment for its business meetings, it must pay for it.

2. President Winkler then announced that Al Gore is the recipient of the Distinguished Speaker Award and Al Louden is the winner of the Distinguished Service Award.

3.  The  Council approved the new EBSCO licensing agreement.


X. Past President's Report

2.  Past President Gordon Mitchell observed that it may be useful for AFA to undergo strategic planning and to hire a consultant to aid in the process.  He noted that AFA has a "credo" but no vision statement or charge for its committees.



XI.  Vice President's Report

1. Vice President Cronn-Mills reported 7 paper submissions for NCA, 6 were accepted and organized into two panels.  A top paper was awarded as was a top student paper award.

2.  In addition to 7 paper submissions, 23 panels were submitted, 16 were accepted.  18 slots were available, so 2 "transfer" panels from the Masters of Education section were selected.

3. A discussion followed as to how best to publicize the Call for Submissions in order to increase the number of submissions for NCA.  Gordon Mitchell recommended one-on-one solicitation as well as placing the call widely on a number of different listserves.

4.  Cronn-Mills distributed the 2008 NCA Call for Submissions.



XII. Two-Year College Report


1.  Darren Elliott, Two-Year College Representative, conveyed the concern that many two-year colleges are not joining forensics organizations and paying dues, even though membership has many advantages (for example, the NDT ranks Two-Year colleges, and these rankings can be presented to administrators to make the case for forensics education and competition).  CEDA currently waives dues for new or small programs, which helps ease the burden of forming/keeping programs and encourages more active participation.

2.  Elliott expressed support for strategic planning among two-year programs with forensics programs.  It was clarified during discussion that only 3 responses to the AFA survey came from two-year college representatives.


XIII.  Executive Secretary

1. Jim Pratt reported that he is now publishing the AFA newsletter online.  Hard copies will be provided by request only.

2. Pratt also reported that the membership directory will also be placed on the AFA website once such information can be password-protected.



A motion to adjourn was seconded and approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Happe,  Recording Secretary





Financial Statement and Proposed Budget:








JULY 1ST, 2006 - JUNE 30TH, 2007















Dues: 1-yr indiv/inst @$75




Life total=

Dues: 2-yr indiv/inst @$135





Dues: Life memberships @$600




Dues paid=

Dues: Institutional (agency) @$76.50





Dues: Institutional @$85





Dues: Non-journal @$50





Dues: Student @$20





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Call for Papers


Argumentation and Advocacy, the flagship publication of the American Forensic Association, invites scholarly submissions concerning any dimension of argumentation studies, including but not limited to contemporary or historical argumentation theory, informal logic, pragma-dialectics, interpersonal arguing, culture and argument, public and political argument, legal argument, and forensics and pedagogy. Studies employing any appropriate research methodology are welcome.


Manuscripts conforming to the guidelines for submission should be sent to:


Dale Hample, Editor-Elect

Argumentation and Advocacy

Department of Communication

University of Maryland

2130 Skinner Building

College Park, MD 20742-7635


E-mail correspondence should be addressed to


Inquiries about book reviews should be sent to Ilon Lauer,, or


Ilon Lauer, Book Review Editor

Argumentation and Advocacy

Department of Communication

Western Illinois University

Macomb, IL 61455


Argumentation and Advocacy Editorial Policy


                Argumentation and Advocacy seeks to publish the best in studies of argumentation in all its forms and from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives. It seeks to address a broad intellectual audience interested in argumentation studies but not necessarily conversant with a specialized vocabulary.

                The journal follows a policy of blind peer review. Manuscripts for regular issues ordinarily will be read by two or three reviewers selected from among the Editorial Board and invited referees; manuscripts for special issues will be read by a guest Editor and invited referees.

                To ensure blind review, a detachable title page should contain the author's name, current academic title and affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address, and post-secondary institutions attended and degrees earned; any material that would identify the author should be stripped from the text. Include a history of the manuscript: whether it is derived from a graduate thesis (if so, identify the advisor), any previous public presentation or publication of any portion, or other relevant information.

                Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, including long quotations, notes and references. On a separate page, include an abstract of no more than 100 words with a list of five suggested key words. Notes, lists of works cited, tables and figures should appear on separate pages following the text. The title of the essay (without the author's name) should repeat on the first page of the manuscript. Text should be left-justified only.

                Papers using statistical methodologies should include reliability estimates for all measures, effect sizes for significant results, and power estimates for nonsignificant outcomes.  Authors should be sensitive to the problem of experiment-wise error rates.  Correlation matrices should accompany multivariate procedures such as canonical analysis.

                Manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word format (doc) or be submitted in Rich Text Format (rtf), and conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th ed., 2001. An exception is that classical sources should be cited in text without dates (e.g., Aristotle, Rheoric, I.1.1354a).  Please note that surname prefixes such as der or von are ignored in alphabetizing the reference list (e.g., van Eemeren is alphabetized by "E" not "v"). Content notes may be used, but should be kept to a minimum. Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, authors should be prepared to furnish photocopies of all quotations for verification purposes, and to provide a final version of the essay in both hard and digital form, including camera-ready copy for artwork and figures.

                Manuscripts submitted to Argumentation and Advocacy obligate the author to grant exclusive right of review to this journal until such time as s/he receives the results of our review. Essays that have been published previously in their entirety in other sources should not be submitted; essays that have been published previously in part (e.g., in the Alta proceedings) should be substantially revised before submission and the original version should also be sent to the editor. Upon acceptance, copyright should be assigned to the American Forensic Association.

                Submit three hard and one digital copy of the manuscript to: Dale Hample, Argumentation and Advocacy, Department of Communication, University of Maryland, 2130 Skinner Building, College Park, MD 20742-7635.  The digital copy may be e-mailed as an attachment to, with the title in the subject line. Manuscripts will not be processed for review until both hard and digital copies have been received.




All ballot forms consist of three pages: original on white, and two carbonless copies on pink and yellow. Form W also has an additional white half-sheet.



All ballot forms are supplied in lots of 100 @ $15/100


A: CEDA with boxes (8-1/2 x 14")

E: Without boxes  (8-1/2 x 11")

H: Lincoln-Douglas without boxes (8-1/2 x 14")

P: Parliamentary (8-1/2 x 14")

W: With short form, with boxes (8-1/2 x 14")


All orders are sent via Federal Express and are subject to a $5.60 handling and packing charge plus actual Federal Express charges. Usual delivery time is two weeks; Second Day Air or Next Day Air are available at an additional charge.



BY TELEPHONE: 1-800-228-5424

BY FAX: 1-888-314-9533


BY MAIL: Box 256, River Falls, WI 54022-0256

All orders will be confirmed.

 Specify form, quantity, date needed, shipping & billing addresses.

Invoices sent after shipment.