1. Charge of the Committee and Agenda:
    1. Each Presidential term the committee shall receive a call from the President.
    2. In addition, around October 1 each year the chair of the committee should solicit from each member any items that they would like added to the agenda of the annual meeting as part of the committee's charge.
  2. Chair:
    1. Selection: The Chair shall conduct the election at the convention for the Chair of the next committee's meeting. All members of the committee with continuing terms shall be placed on a ballot. The outgoing chair shall tally the vote and announce the winner. Previous chairs are eligible for re-election as long as their term on the committee continues.
    2. Term of Office: The Chair shall assume office at the end of the annual meeting in conjunction with the National Communication Association convention.
    3. Vacancy: In the case of vacancy in the chair, the President will appoint a replacement from the remaining members of the committee.
    4. Duties of the Chair: The chair shall preside at the meeting, report for the committee tot he National Council and Annual Meeting of the Association, direct the ongoing activities of the committee and serve as the committee's liaison with the President.
  3. Annual Meeting and Voting:
    1. The date and time of the annual meeting of the committee shall be set by the Vice-President of AFA as Convention planner.
    2. Quorum: A quorum shall be three members of the committee.
    3. Voting: Each member of the committee present shall have a vote. Proxies shall be specific to particular issues and must be submitted to the chair over the signature of the members. Votes on issues may also be taken at any time during the year between annual meetings via email or conference call.  
  4. Responsibilities:
    1. The committee shall prepare the annual budget of the organization with the assistance of the Secretary-Treasurer. The budget shall be presented to the annual business meeting.
    2. The committee shall monitor on a regular basis the collection and expenditure of funds by the Executive Secretary. The committee may request timely and complete audits as they deem necessary.
    3. The committee shall address any specific charges from the President.
    4. The committee shall assist in membership recruitment.
  5. Amendments:
    1. Amendments to these bylaws may be submitted by any member by submitting it in writing (mail or email) prior to the annual meeting. The Chair shall notify all members of the proposed amendment (by mail, fax, or email.)
    2. Following discussion at the annual meeting, the amendment shall be in force if approved by a majority of the full committee in an email ballot.

Approved by the Committee, Chicago Illinois, November 1999