2016 NCA Conference Schedule


2016 AFA Business Meeting Schedule at the NCA Convention

The Westin Philadelphia, 99 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Wednesday November 9, 2016


AFA - Educational Development and Practices Committee

10:00 AM  - 12:00 PM, Directors Conference Room


*Wade Hescht, Lone Star College, North Harris (2017) wade.hescht@lonestar.edu

Curt Gilstrap, Drury University, (2016) cgilstrap@hotmail.com

Ken Young, Bradley  University (2018) kyoung@bradley.edu

Megan Houge Koch, Illinois State University (2017) mkoch@ilstu.edu

Sandra Berkowitz-Stafford, Minnesota Community and Technical College (2018) sandra.j.berkowitz@gmail.com


AFA - Finance Committee Meeting

10:00 AM  - 12:00 PM, Independence I Conference Room


*Ben Voth, Southern Methodist University (2016)

Larry Schnoor, Minnesota State University, Mankato, (2017)

Bobby Imbody, University of Alabama (2017)

Sarah Partlow-Lefèvre, Idaho State University, (2016)

Dale Herbeck, Northeaster University, (2018)


National Debate Tournament Board of Trustees

10:00 AM  - 12:00 PM, Independence II Conference Room


AFA - Professional Development and Practices Committee Meeting

10:00 AM  - 12:00 PM, Franklin I Conference Room


* David Gaer, Lone Star College (2017)

Randy Cox, University of Texas, Austin (2016)

Susan Collie, University of Wisconsin-Stout (2016)


AFA - Publications and Research Committee Meetings

10:00 AM  - 12:00 PM, Franklin II Conference Room


*Stephen Croucher, University of Jyväskylä (2017)

Matt Gerber, Baylor University (2016)

Dawn Bartlett, SUNY-Jefferson Community College (2017)

John Fritch, University of Northern Iowa (2018)

David Worth, Rice University (2016)

Jeffrey Jarman, Wichita State University (2018)


         * James Dimock, Minnesota State University, Mankato (2017)

         Heidi Hamilton, Emporia State University (2017)

         Peter Pober, George Mason University (2016)

         David Steinberg, University of Miami (2016)


AFA - National Council Meeting & National Nominations Committee Meeting

12:00 PM  - 4:00 PM, Lincoln Conference Room


AFA –NIET Board of Trustees

12:00 PM  - 4:00 pm, Georgian Conference Room


* Leah White, Minnesota State University Mankato (2017)

Nathaniel Wilson, Doane College (2019)

David Gaer, Laramie County Community College (2020)

Lee Mayfield, James Madison University (2016)

Bobby Imbody, University of Alabama (2018)


National Debate Tournament Committee Meeting

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Franklin Conference Room


            * Dallas Perkins, Harvard University

Jonah Feldman, Cal Berkeley, District One

Glen Frappier, Gonzaga University, District Two

            Matthew Vegas, University of Missouri, Kansas City, District Three        

David Cram Helwich, University of Minnesota, District Four

Will Repko, Michigan State University, District Five

Michael Hester, State University of West Georgia, District Six

            Adrienne Brovero, Mary Wash3ington University, District Seven

            Vik Keenan, City University of New York, District Eight

            Sarah Partlow-Lefèvre, Idaho State University

Ron Stevenson, Wayne State University, AFA Central (2018)
Ed Lee, Emory University, AFA South

Jacob Thompson, UNLV, AFA West (2017)

John Katsulas, Boston College, AFA East (2017)

National Individual Events Tournament Committee Meeting

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Whitman Conference Room


Peter Pober, George Mason University, Chair

Lee Mayfield, James Madison University, Vice-Chair

Larry Schnoor, Tournament Director

Karen Morris, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Secretary

David Worth, Rice University, Webmaster

Frank Thompson, University of Alabama, Chair Emeritus

Leah White, Minnesota State University-Mankato, Board of Regents Chair

Kellie Roberts, University of Florida, Southern Representative (2017)

Mark Rittenour, University of Akron, Eastern Representative (2017)

Richard Paine, North Central College, Midwest Representative (2016)

Brent Northup, Carroll College, Western Representative (2016)

John, Kephart, Cal State University-Northridge, District 1 Chair

Joe Gantt, Lewis and Clark College, District 2 Chair

Randy Cox, University of Texas-Austin, District 3 Chair

Kelly Jo Wright, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, District 4 Chair

Ken Young, Bradley University, District 5 Chair

Tim Brown, Cedar Crest College, District 7 Chair

Chris Leland, Colorado Christian University, District 9 Chair

M’Liss Hindman, Tyler Junior College, Community College Representative

Alex Brown, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Student Representative

Erin Schoch, University of Florida, Student Representative


National Parliamentary Debate Association Business Meeting

12:00 PM  - 4:00 PM, Independence Conference Room


Michael Middleton, University of Utah, President

Jeannie Hunt, Northwest College, Vice-President

Dena Counts, Abilene Christian University, Executive Secretary

Brent Northup, Carroll College, Treasurer

David Worth, Rice University, National Tournament Director



AFA - Business Meeting

4:00 PM  - 7:00 PM, Georgian Room


            AFA Executive Officers


AFA - Forensics Organization Reception

7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM, Georgian Room


            All members invited


(* Indicates committee chair)

(Date at the end of entry indicates when )


You can find additional panel discussions and paper sessions sponsored by the American Forensics Association by searching the conference proceedings.  Visit NCA Submission Central for the online convention program at http://www.natcom.org/convention/