Educational Practice


Gilstrap, Drury University, (term expires 2012) -

Ken Young, James Madison University (term expires 2012) -

Rae Lynn Schwartz Dupre, Western Washington University (term
expires 2013) -

Megan Houge Koch, Illinois State University (term expires 2014) -

Wade Hescht, North Harris College (term expires 2014) -
(Terms expire on June 30)


Responsible for developing, reporting, and promoting practices that strengthen forensic pedagogy, whether in classrooms, forums, competition, or other circumstances. Included within the responsibilities of this committee will be the following: develop, maintain and distribute information on establishing and promoting argumentation and forensics within curricula; develop and promote ways of increasing broad participation in forensic activities; examine, assess, and evaluate forensic practices in light of the purpose of this Association; and maintain and interpret the AFA Code of Ethics as it relates to educational practices. Additional responsibilities may be assigned as appropriate.